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Patriots have reportedly not yet discussed a deal with ex-Jets CB Darrelle Revis

Despite a recent report that has “sources” “convinced” Revis will return to New England, no talks have happened yet.

Ever since the New York Jets announced that they would release cornerback Darrelle Revis at the start of free agency, rumors started to swirl about a possible reunion with the New England Patriots. Revis was with the Patriots during the 2014 season and won his lone championship ring as a member of the team.

Following the Super Bowl, however, he left to join the Jets and the 5-year, $70.0 contract they offered. The combination of the deal, which would have resulted in a $15.3 million salary cap hit in 2017, and Revis’ on-field-struggles led to his release earlier this month.

Simultaneously, though, it could also be the reason for him potentially joining the Patriots again. After all, it is believed that the 31-year old will play for the league’s minimum salary as New York still owes him $6.0 million this season. Yesterday’s report that "numerous league sources" believe that Revis will ultimately end up with the Patriots again only added fuel to the fire.

However, enter Tom Curran, who reported that the team and the player have not yet had any discussions on potentially bringing the veteran back into the fold. From the team’s perspective this is unsurprising. Revis has not created any interest on the open market since being let go by the Jets, and the Patriots do not appear to be in any rush to change that and bring him on board.

With Malcolm Butler still a candidate to play for New England this upcoming season, there also does not be appear to be an immediate need for additional help at the position. Of course, if Butler leaves the team in the upcoming weeks, things might change in regards to Revis, who might still be able to offer quality depth alongside Stephon Gilmore, Eric Rowe and Cyrus Jones.

As of today, though, it seems as if the Patriots are content with playing it slowly – on both the Butler and the Revis front.