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Three months into rehab and Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski “can’t wait to compete”

The Patriots tight end is recovering from back surgery.

New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski is itching to get back on the field as he rehabs from his back surgery back in December. Gronkowski suffered a bruised lung, followed by a herniated disk in his back over the course of the 2016 NFL Season.

Gronkowski is one of the hardest working Patriots and he has been doing the media circuit on behalf of his sponsors, but he wants to get back to football. Gronkowski started his rehab back at the start of the start and he’s inched closer to the field ever since.

“Started my rehab last week, everything going super smooth,” Gronkowski said in January. “Feeling good. Can’t wait...until I’m back.”

One month later and Gronkowski claimed to feel much better.

“I’m feeling great right now,” Gronkowski told ESPN back in February at the Daytona 500. “My rehab’s going super well. Rehabbing super hard. Doing everything right now, so feeling really good. Just working out as hard as I can.”

So what is Gronkowski up to? ESPN’s Mike Reiss shared part of Gronkowski’s rehab process earlier this month.

“A few [players] have stayed in the area and are working out regularly at the team's facility,” Reiss reports. “Most notable on the list is tight end Rob Gronkowski, whose recovery from back surgery continues to progress. Gronkowski has been at the stadium at least four days a week, joining a few other teammates who are also rehabbing, such as running back Dion Lewis (hamstring injury in Super Bowl). While Gronkowski often generates headlines for his off-field endeavors -- such as a recent trip to Barcelona -- often overlooked is his work ethic and commitment in the weight room and conditioning-wise. Few work harder than him.”

Gronkowski says there is “no doubt” that he’ll be ready for the start of the 2017 season and should be ready for the team’s offseason activities. The Patriots can start offseason workouts on April 17th.