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NFL owners expected to pass rule change prohibiting field goal, extra point leaps

One of the Patriots' favorite special teams plays is on the verge of getting outlawed.

Representatives of the league's 32 franchises currently meet in Phoenix to discuss all things NFL. Yesterday, one of the biggest topics on the agenda - the Raiders' relocation from Oakland to Las Vegas - was approved with a 31-1 vote. Today, potential rule changes will be discussed; among them one that will have an impact on blocking field goals and extra points.

The competition committee proposed a rule that would outlaw leaping over the offensive line on kicking attempts, and according to Adam Schefter, the proposal is expected to pass:

NFL owners are expected today to pass a rule that will prohibit the "leaper" block attempt on field goal and extra-point plays, per sources.

While the leap is one of the more spectacular special teams plays, the competition committee sided with the NFLPA's point of view that the play is a potential injury risk. And now it seems the owners meeting sides with it as well and will outlaw the play.

The New England Patriots have used it multiple times in the past. Over the past two seasons, two of the team's four blocked kicks happened on a leap: Jamie Collins did it once in 2015, Shea McClellin twice in 2016 (with a third successful attempt during the Super Bowl being called back because of an apparent foul). With the leap likely getting banned later today, New England will have to find other ways to block kicking attempts in the future.