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WATCH: “3 Games to Glory V” shows brilliance of Patriots coaches on run to Super Bowl LI

Patriots offensive coordinator had a brilliant plan for the Houston Texans.

The New England Patriots are starting to promote their Super Bowl LI championship video 3 Games to Glory V, which takes fans behind the scenes to watch how the coaches and players prepared during their playoff run. Here’s a good preview clip of the Patriots offensive coaching staff preparing for the Houston Texans.

Wide receivers coach Chad O’Shea was responsible for doing the red zone scouting and the clip highlights some of the Texans’ weaknesses on the goal line.

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels shows a goal line play by the Denver Broncos that used a tight end as an extra blocker on a playaction pass, while noting the Patriots could use TE Martellus Bennett in a similar way to seal Texans LB Bernardrick McKinney away from the edge.

But the money quote comes from McDaniels asking about which player could take advantage of the Texans heavier defensive front seven.

“I mean, honestly, the guy that should have a shot to be really impactful would be Dion [Lewis] right?,” McDaniels asks the other coaches. “I mean, if we put him in there in base?”

Lewis recorded 64 total yards and 2 touchdowns on offense (he added a third touchdown on special teams). It’s crazy to think that Lewis could be the 4th running back in the depth chart for 2017, behind James White, Mike Gillislee, and Rex Burkhead.

Pre-order 3 Games to Glory V for delivery around May 2nd.