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New England Patriots links 4/25/17 - Patriots pre-draft roster 'obscenely' loaded on offense

Daily news and links for 4/25/17

Josh McDaniels will be commanding a deep, talented huddle this season
Josh McDaniels will be commanding a deep, talented huddle this season
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports




  • Andrew Brandt (The MMQB) Have we seen the NFL’s last restricted free agent? Patriots saw a market inefficiency and swiped RB Mike Gillislee from the Bills . . . plus a look a draft preparations.
  • Vinnie Iyer (Sporting News) Saints get Adrian Peterson, but Patriots make much smarter RB move.
  • Ryan Talbot (NewYorkUpstate) 4 reasons why the Buffalo Bills decided to decline Mike Gillislee's offer sheet.
  • Matthew Fairburn (NewYorkUpstate) Buffalo Bills decline offer sheet on RB Mike Gillislee; RB is now a Patriot. "As if playing against Tom Brady and the Patriots twice a year wasn't hard enough for Bills fans to stomach...".
  • Vic Carucci (Buffalo News) Bills don't match offer sheet, lose Gillislee to Patriots.
  • Jon Benne (SB Nation) Why is the NFL draft 3 days long?
  • Jim Weber (Awful Announcing) Your 2017 NFL Draft drinking game.
  • Rhett Jones (Deadspin) NFL players strike a deal to sell their biometric data.


  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Time of testing a factor in assessing credibility of diluted sample excuse.
  • Bart Hubbuch (Deadspin) This is the story about Robert Kraft's casino holdings that Rupert Murdoch's paper never ran. //3000+ word rant. 20 Paragraphs down: "League spokesperson Brian McCarthy told me then that the NFL didn’t consider Kraft’s Apollo stake a violation of the casino ban..." Let's just say, Hubbuch disagrees.