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Watch: 3 Games to Glory V pulls back curtain on how Patriots scouting department helps coaching staff

The Patriots video from Super Bowl LI is going to be amazing.

The New England Patriots are releasing teasers from their 3 Games to Glory V video, which can be pre-ordered here in multiple viewing formats with a May 2nd scheduled release date.

The Patriots produce a behind the scenes video for each Super Bowl run and this one focuses on how the coaching staff and front office prepared for each postseason game. We saw how the coaching staff saw a vulnerability against the Houston Texans that offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels believed (correctly) that RB Dion Lewis could exploit.

This clip is less revealing, but it shows how the pro scouting department helps the coaching staff by producing scouting reports on each player.

“The next step is to go meet with the defensive staff and give them kind of a synopsis of not just the last game, but really on the year,” Patriots director of pro personnel Dave Ziegler said.

I think this is a major reason why Bill Belichick has such a fluid relationship between the scouting departing and coaching staff- both sides need to be fluent in a shared language and each side needs to know what the other is looking for on tape.

Prior to the 2016 season, Ziegler replaced Bob Quinn, who left to become the general manager of the Detroit Lions. Quinn replaced Jason Licht, who is the current general manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Licht replaced Nick Caserio, who was promoted to Patriots director of player personnel and de facto general manager.

Needless to say, whatever Ziegler brought to the coaching staff worked en route to winning Super Bowl LI- and Ziegler might be on track to be one of the next great general managers in the NFL.