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2017 NFL Draft: What to do while the Patriots don’t have a first round pick

Are you a Patriots fan and still want to watch the draft? Here’s a fun BINGO board to use while watching the first round!

The New England Patriots do not have a pick in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, but I know that a lot of people will end up watching the draft anyway. Unless the Patriots trade into the first round, Patriots fans will be twiddling their thumbs for the better part of four hours.

So here’s something to do while you watch the draft!


I created this BINGO board and I’ll explain the individual squares in a second. The game is like any ol’ BINGO board- if a television commentator refers to a square, you get to check it off. Try to see if you can get a BINGO before the end of the night.

B. Players and coaches on the Patriots that have the letter “B” in their name. If their name is mentioned on the television broadcast, check off their name.

I. Special instants in the first round that may or may not include the Patriots directly, but relate to the draft. If an announcer says something like, “Bills drafted this cornerback because they need to stop Tom Brady,” then you can check off “Patriots considered reason for drafting player” and “Tom Brady.”

N. Non-draft related New England Patriots comments.

G. Players on the Patriots that have the letter “G” in their name, along with Roger Goodell, who is expected to be booed.

O. Players from old Patriots Super Bowl teams that have moved on. Some are getting older or are unsigned, but could be mentioned as a player that needs to be replaced on their current/previous team.

Have fun!