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2017 NFL Draft: How Long Will Philadelphia Boo Roger Goodell?

Place your bets! How long will the boo birds be out for the commish???

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The city of Philadelphia is known for a lot of things. Democracy. Cheese Steaks. Will Smith. Rocky Balboa. Boyz II Men. Brotherly Love.

It's that last one that really cracks me up. It's pretty ironic, considering that Philly is also known as a city that can boo with the best of them.

In what has become something of a draft day tradition, Commissioner Roger Goodell has been consistently booed by the crowd almost every time he takes the stage to announce a selection. And with the 2017 NFL Draft taking place right in the backyard of some of the best booers this proud country has to offer, it seems that the stage is set for that tradition to continue.

The real question is: how long will the booing last?

As with all things sports-related, if you're the kind of person who likes to make it interesting by placing a little wager on just how far south Goodell's first appearance will go, you can make a bet on exactly how long the booing will last. Note: the bet is not if Goodell will be booed, but for how long. After all, when it comes to gambling, they say that there's no such thing as a sure thing.

So what are the odds? What are we looking at here?

Let's take a look at recent history. The last time Goodell took the stage for the draft, he was in Chicago, where he got booed for a solid 10 seconds. The last time he took the stage period, it was at the end of the Super Bowl, where he was booed for 25 straight seconds. It seemed like longer to me, but what do I know? Maybe it was one second of booing for every point the Pats were down late in the 3rd quarter. And of course, it obviously would have been much, much longer than that, but Goodell immediately handed the Lombardi over to Bob Kraft as quickly as possible before scuttling off the stage as the boos turned to cheers. Odds are that the Pats fans at the Super Bowl would probably still be booing Goodell right now if given the opportunity.

So based on these last two appearances, the folks over at have clocked the over/under for the Goodell boos at 12.5 seconds:

Pats Pulpit is not a gambling site. We don't endorse gambling or consider ourselves any kind of resource for sports betting. But I will say this: if I was going to be putting any money on the line here, I would absolutely HAMMER the over and not look back.

Happy Draft Day, everyone!