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Patriots sign a set of twins as undrafted free agents

The New England Patriots have moved on from the 2017 NFL Draft and have already started to sign undrafted free agent rookies. Some additions, like BYU LB Harvey Langi and Northwestern WR Austin Carr, were expected, but a pair of signings caught my eye because they shared the same name.

One Google search later, and the signings were even better- the Patriots had signed a set of twins.

The Patriots signed Wyoming TE Jacob Hollister and Arkansas WR Cody Hollister as undrafted free agents and aren’t they just the most adorable?

I was such a cute baby (on the right haha)

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Jake: "He is......" Me: "Risen" #HossBros

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The two brothers started their college careers at the University of Nevada before transferring to Arizona Western Community College. 6’3, 215-pound WR pound WR Cody was a top junior college prospect and signed with Arkansas, while 6’4, 240-pound TE Jacob didn’t get an SEC offer and went to Wyoming.

Cody’s career was derailed by foot injuries in both 2015 and 2016, but he still earned distinction as the Special Teams MVP. He gained 390 yards and scored two touchdowns over the course of three seasons.

Jacob might have been the less desirable prospect, but he racked up 515 yards and 7 touchdowns in 2016 alone, finishing his three years with 1,114 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns.

Maybe the brothers asked to come as a package deal, but Jacob definitely has the inside edge at making an NFL roster due to his size and athleticism; the two reportedly had similar Pro Day results, with Jacob carrying an additional 25 pounds of weight.

The Hollister brothers join Rob Gronkowski and Glenn Gronkowski as another set of brothers on the roster. All that’s left is for the Patriots to sign Jason McCourty to pair with Devin McCourty, giving New England an unfair sibling advantage.