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Patriots’ Hollister twins are trying to join McCourtys and Pounceys as twins in the NFL

Here’s a history of all twins in the NFL.

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The New England Patriots signed a pair of twins as undrafted free agents after the 2017 NFL Draft. Wyoming TE Jacob Hollister was named Pro Football Focus’ 5th best undrafted free agent and has a chance to make the team, while his twin Arkansas WR Cody Hollister will have to prove himself on special teams.

The Patriots have half of a famous set of twins in FS Devin McCourty, a three-time All Pro and twin of current free agent CB Jason McCourty. While the two have expressed an interest in playing with one another, Jason remains unsigned.

But the addition of the Hollister twins to the NFL got me wondering: how many twins have made it in the NFL? Fortunately, the Pro Football Hall of Fame released a list of twins in the NFL and’s Aditi Kinkhabwala filled in some extra gaps.

These twins might have had different career lengths, so I will only highlight the seasons they were both in the league at the same time.

1926: Gene Golsen (Louisville Colonels) and Tom Golsen (Louisville Colonels)

1928: Earl Goodwin (Pottsville Maroons) and Myrl Goodwin (Maroons)

1948-49: Harold Shoener (San Francisco 49ers) and Herb Schoener (Washington)

1970-81: Rich Saul (Los Angeles Rams) and Ron Saul (Houston Oilers, Washington)

1979-84: Mark Bell (Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts) and Mike Bell (Kansas City Chiefs)

1980-81: Paul Tabor (Chicago Bears) and Phil Tabor (New York Giants)

1985-92: Raleigh McKenzie (Washington, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers, Green Bay Packers) and Reggie McKenzie (Los Angeles Raiders, 49ers)

1991-96: Keith Cash (Pittsburgh Steelers, Chiefs) and Kerry Cash (Colts, Raiders, Bears)

1993-96: Devon McDonald (Colts, Arizona Cardinals) and Ricardo McDonald (Cincinnati Bengals, Bears)

1997-2006: Ronde Barber (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Tiki Barber (Giants)

1999-2001: Kato Serwanga (New England Patriots, Washington, Giants) and Wasswa Serwanga (49ers, Minnesota Vikings)

2006-08: Josh Bullocks (New Orleans Saints, Bears) and Daniel Bullocks (Detroit Lions)

2006-12: Pat McQuistan (Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, Saints, Cardinals) and Paul McQuistan (Raiders, Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks)

2010-present: Devin McCourty (Patriots) and Jason McCourty (Tennessee Titans)

2011-present: Maurkice Pouncey (Steelers) and Mike Pouncey (Dolphins)

The Hollister twins are trying to be the 16th set of twins to play in the NFL at the same time. Best of luck to the duo.

Let us know if we missed any twins!