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Gisele Bundchen: Patriots QB Tom Brady “had a concussion last year”

Brady’s wife says that he suffered a head injury in 2016.

International supermodel Gisele Bundchen sat down with CBS This Morning to discuss, among numerous other topics, her husband and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. In this interview, Bundchen mentioned that Brady suffered a concussion in 2016.

“I just have to say, as a wife ... it’s an aggressive sport,” Bundchen says. “Football, like he had a concussion last year, I mean he has concussions pretty much ev- I mean we don’t talk about- But he does have concussions and I don’t really think it’s a healthy thing for your body to go through that kind of aggression all the time. That could not be healthy for you. I am planning on having him be healthy and do a lot of fun things when we’re 100, I hope.”

Brady made the injury report for ankle, thigh, and knee injuries, but not for a head injury. It’s very possible that the concussion took place in the Super Bowl, which would explain why he wasn’t listed on the injury report (but not why he was able to finish the game).

Head injuries are extremely serious. We’ll see if the league does anything to further protect players from head injuries.