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WATCH: Patriots release practice footage from rainy OTAs

The team offers a glimpse into the Patriots practice.

The New England Patriots have posted a 28-second clip from the Patriots OTAs that offers a behind the scenes look at the rainy practice from last Thursday. They also posted a longer 3-minute video that includes some interviews with players.

The videos include TE Rob Gronkowski catching a nice over-the-shoulder grab with Jordan Richards in coverage:

And it also shows a split-second of the Patriots practicing fumble recoveries in sloppy conditions.

Along with new WR Brandin Cooks flashing his quickness while working on sideline patterns.

The Patriots took an opportunity to focus on the smaller, but still important aspects of the game, and ESPN’s Mike Reiss shared a fun sight of Tom Brady working with his receiving backs on passes to the back corner of the end zone.

“If executed well, the running backs would combine the perfect mix of tempo on the route, sure hands to catch the ball on a wet day, and footwork to remain in-bounds along the sideline,” Reiss writes. “Watching the drill unfold, it was hard to miss how Brady was part-quarterback, part-coach. Seemingly after each repetition, he would talk to the running backs about the finer points of how they ran the route as they worked to create a more efficient connection between them.”

Brady is still passionate as ever, Gronkowski is looking good, and Bill Belichick is having his players practice fumble recoveries. 2017 is setting up to be another great season.