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Patriots WR Julian Edelman’s father would love his son to be "a Patriot for life"

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Frank Edelman spoke with ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss about his son and the contract extension he signed.

Earlier this week, the New England Patriots and their leading wide receiver of the last four years – Julian Edelman – agreed to a two-year contract extension. The deal will keep the 31-year old in New England through the 2019 season and pay him a maximum of $19.5 million over the next three years.

The extension prompted ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss to reach out to Edelman’s father Frank to talk about his son and the new contract. And as Reiss states in his Sunday NFL thoughts column, the conversation confirmed the impression that the younger Edelman enjoys his time in New England and playing for the Patriots.

During his talk with Reiss, Frank Edelman pointed out how the Boston loves its athletes and how the city is a perfect spot for his son: "Boston is also all about what Julian is; you just go to work and grind it out. [...] He loves Boston and everything about the Patriots. There are also a lot of off-field opportunities if you stay in Boston."

Naturally, according to the Edelmans, they would prefer if it stayed that way: "We'd love to be a Patriot for life," Frank pointed out.

Given the length of the contract extension, this could very well be the case. After all, Edelman will enter free agency two months before turning 34. At this point, it would not be that big of a surprise to see him call it quits after going from late round afterthought to earning multiple Super Bowl rings and folk hero status in New England.

Reiss and Frank Edelman also talked about contract negotiations with the Patriots and his son’s work ethic – so make sure to take a look at the story.