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Chad Ochocinco makes fun of his time with the Patriots in the most wholesome way

The former NFL wide receiver takes a dig at himself.

Former New England Patriots (and Cincinnati Bengals) WR Chad Johnson is still plugging away with his career and will be joining the new flag football league along QB Michael Vick. Johnson last played in the NFL in 2011, but participated in the Canadian Football League for two years and the Mexican Football League for one game.

It’s easy to forget that Johnson was a three-time All Pro with over 11,000 career receiving yards because his one season with the Patriots in 2011 was a complete disaster. Johnson collected 15 receptions for 276 yards and a touchdown in 2011, all career lows.

Even Johnson acknowledges how much of a disappointment that season was- and wants you to keep that in mind if you’re ever having a tough day.

So if you’re ever having a tough day, just know that you could be a disappointing #3 receiver on a team that loses the Super Bowl.