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Tom Brady’s just hanging out, throwing footballs on the Great Wall of China

The Patriots quarterback is enjoying his time off.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is in China this month to promote his latest line of pajamas with Under Armor.

Here he is one day ago boarding his plane to China...

First stop, Beijing! Yes please! @underarmour @tb12sports

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...and here he is staying up past his bedtime, but still grinding away on this business opportunity by promoting his clothing line...

...and here he is on the Great Wall of China with his son...

Wǒ ài zhōngguó

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Translation: “I love China.”

Fun fact: “zhōng” translates to “center” and “guó” means “country”, so “Zhōngguó” (aka China) directly translates to “Center Country”.

...and here is Brady trying to throw a football over them mountains.

Great Wall.... ✅

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As someone who’s half-Chinese, I always appreciate when American football makes its way to China, especially when it’s being represented by a member of the Patriots. The fact that it’s Brady headlining the trip is even more incredible.

Have fun out there, Tommy. Enjoy the food!