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Rob Gronkowski and friends refute the report on his $102k bar tab

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While Rob Gronkowski may have a reputation for partying, he says the report that he spent six figures on drinks at Foxwoods isn’t true.

New England Patriots Victory Parade Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

If you’re like most people on a Monday and were giving maximum effort to avoiding any and all actual work, you more than likely saw a report that Rob Gronkowski was at Foxwoods in Connecticut over the weekend, and him and the guys racked up six figures worth of drinks on their tab. And honestly, most of us probably looked at that and said “Sounds about right” and went ahead living our lives. Yo soy fiesta, and all that.

One tiny problem: the Gronk himself says we shouldn’t believe everything we see on TMZ or whatever.

Given the timing, it seems pretty clear that our bud Robert is clearly saying he did not, in fact, spend enough to pay half of some people’s mortgages on one night of partying.

More importantly, Gronk’s buddy and party bus driver Robert Goon (who goes by...wait for it...Goon) corroborated (hopefully I used that word right) his rebuttal:

Judging by the reactions, pretty much 98% of us could not care less what Gronk - or any other Patriot, for that matter - does during the offseason in between OTAs and minicamp. Aside from the days in between a Super Bowl victory and the parade in Boston, NFL players may not have much more of a blank check to go and have fun all year long.

That being said, Gronkowski has made it clear over the years that he’s never gotten in trouble and never drives while partying, which makes it even more interesting that him and the guys have taken the time to state, in no uncertain terms, that them spending $100,000+ on drinks didn’t actually happen. With Gronk being one of the most active Patriots in the community service department, though - and the 2016 Ron Burton Community Service award winner, mind you - saying he’d rather donate that type of money to Boston Children’s Hospital instead of buying a ton of champagne and top-shelf liquor, draw your own conclusions, I guess.