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Patriots WR Malcolm Mitchell signs a 3-book contract with Scholastic

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The Patriots sophomore wide receiver will continue to make an impact off the field.

New England Patriots WR Malcolm Mitchell is looking to build off the success of his rookie book and has signed a 3-book contract with Scholastic, per the Associated Press and New York Times.

Mitchell started off his writing career with a strong first book titled The Magician’s Hat that revealed a lot of promise for his future. Somehow writing contracts are different from football contracts and The Magician’s Hat will count as one of the three books that Mitchell will publish through Scholastic.

The Magician’s Hat will be available through Scholastic starting next May.

Mitchell has been on a reading tour this offseason, encouraging young children to read books. Mitchell struggled while reading as a child and wants to create a support network for other children that are having a difficult time.

When Mitchell isn’t promoting child literacy, he’s a pretty outstanding and promising receiver for the Patriots.