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Patriots QB Tom Brady tries sumo wrestling, should stick to football

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The Patriots quarterback is having fun on his Under Armour tour through Asia.

Here’s another update from New England Patriots QB Tom Brady’s Under Armour tour through Asia. Brady tried his hand at sumo wrestling and proved that he should seriously, please, just stick to football.

It looks like Brady was trying to run a quarterback sneak on the goal line, but ran into Vince Wilfork- and Wilfork ain’t moving. In true Brady fashion, the Patriots quarterback was interested in learning how to be the best possible sumo wrestler in a short time, per Kyodo News.

“Brady, a quarterback for the New England Patriots in the National Football League, asked stablemaster Sakaigawa questions such as what the secrets to the initial charge in sumo are and what kinds of training the wrestlers carry out,” KN writes. “At the urging of Sakaigawa, Brady went into the dohyo ring and engaged in ‘butsukari geiko’ with Goeido, taking turns to push one another from one end of the enclosure to the other.”


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Brady shared his thoughts on the experience, calling his interaction “incredible” and the sumo wrestlers “strong in mind and strong in body.”

"For them to welcome me means very much to me,” Brady said, via KN. “It's hard to describe in words how special that was.”

Goeido, the 6’0, 355-pound sumo wrestler Brady squared up against, belongs to the second-highest rank in sumo wrestling as an ōzeki (below the rank of yokozuna). He praised Brady as someone who is “humble” with “great presence.”

"He has a lot of explosive power,” Goeido said, via KN. “I feel energized. It's stimulating to have an opportunity to come in contact with athletes from a different sport."

Brady vs Brady #therecanonlybeone

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Despite the praise, I think it’s fair to say that Brady should probably stick to football.