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Jets DL Sheldon Richardson wants to beat Tom Brady and “knock the king off his throne.”

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Brady is the king and the Jets are a bunch of jokers.

The New York Jets are #NotGood and they look be setting up for a tank season in 2017 with the goal of obtaining a top draft pick and a franchise quarterback in the next draft. The Jets jettisoned off nearly every player over the age of 30 and have turned their focus towards developing whatever young players are on the roster to see if they’re worth retaining in the future.

Defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson is entering a contract year and is one player that probably doesn’t have a future with the Jets. He’s been at the center of a handful of different controversies and potential trades over the past few years and will likely join a different team in 2018.

Wherever he ends up, Richardson wants a chance to play New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and win.

"I've told him [Brady] before I've left the field, 'Bro, don't retire till I beat you,'" Richardson told NJ Advance Media at minicamp last week. "He laughed it off and kept going. It's a pleasure to play against him. But he knows what I'm chasing, and he knows I'm trying to knock the king off his throne."

Richardson and the Jets have a 2-6 record against the Patriots over the past four seasons, with both wins coming in overtime. Richardson probably wants to play a game and defeat Brady and the Patriots in four quarters.

Richardson will get his first chance of 2017 when the Jets host the Patriots in week 6, and again in week 17 (when the Patriots will potentially be resting their starters).

But as the saying goes, if you come at the king, you best not miss.