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Super Bowl LI stadium footage of the Patriots game-winning overtime drive is worth your next 6 minutes

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This footage is amazing.

(h/t /u/drscorp)

I might be late to the party on this one, but this is one incredible video from Super Bowl LI. Whoever is holding the camera is sitting at the 40-yard line and records every second of the New England Patriots overtime drive to secure the victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

It’s 6 minutes and 33 seconds long and it’s worth every last moment of your time because the stadium is electric and you can feel it through the video. The silence, the roars, the pacing, the glances down at the Falcons sideline where QB Matt Ryan is pacing back and forth, the impeccable throws from Patriots QB Tom Brady, and the goosebumps you’ll have when the video ends.

I love watching all of the behind-the-scenes videos and mic’d up segments, but there’s something about letting the emotion from the drive build with nothing but the ambient sounds of the stadium before the sweet release of Sweet Feet James White scoring the game-winning touchdown.

Watch this video and have a great weekend.