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Rob Gronkowski dresses up like a park ranger in a series of pretty great commercials

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The Patriots tight end is promoting beef jerky in a pretty great online series.

Keep an eye out for these Oberto Beef Jerky clips from New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, who is dressed up as a park ranger at Hopkington State Park and interacting with visitors.

Gronkowski is doing, in his own words, “ranger things” and “showing the squirrels who’s boss” and the digital series features his real-life driver Bobby Goon.

These two made me laugh and I recommend waiting for “Off the Beaten Path” and “Sundial” to show up because they show Gronk at peak Gronkiness.

I also have to say that bringing Goon along for the commercial is a great P.R. move for Gronk, just like how Tom Brady used his offensive linemen in a commercial earlier in his career. It’s nice to see players sharing the spotlight with those who otherwise probably wouldn’t receive any of the attention. Goon takes care of Gronk all year round. I’m glad Gronk is returning the favor.