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WATCH: Patriots HC Bill Belichick changes hoodie for designer clothes in fashion photo shoot; looks mildly uncomfortable

Bill Belichick loves Nantucket, and now he is on the cover of "Nantucket Magazine".

On January 27, 2000, a day that forever changed the National Football League, Bill Belichick became head coach of the New England Patriots. 17 years and five Super Bowl titles later, Belichick grew into an icon in the Northeast due to his unprecedented success and unconventional coaching style.

Defined by his now-famous slogans "Do your job" and "No days off", Belichick seemingly lives football 24/7. Every now and then, though, the curtain gets pulled back a little and offers a glimpse at Bill Belichick, the more-or-less private citizen – a man who enjoys golfing and summer days on Nantucket.

The latter in particular has become a regular refuge for Belichick between OTAs and training camp. It is therefore not all that surprising to see the future Hall of Famer on the cover of "Nantucket Magazine" together with his girlfriend Linda Holliday. Even though it still looks a little strange to see Belichick change his trademark hoodie for fine designer clothes.

Make sure to check out the newest edition of "Nantucket Magazine", featuring the story behind photographing "America’s Winningest Team", Bill Belichick and Linda Holliday.