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New England Patriots links 6/29/17 - New Patriots players spotlight differences from rest of NFL

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Daily news and links for Thursday

Brandin Cooks points out the Patriots' 'amazing' focus and attention to detail
Brandin Cooks points out the Patriots' 'amazing' focus and attention to detail
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports




  • Christian D'Andrea (SB Nation) Bill Belichick's 10 best losses ranked by how happy they made NFL fans.
  • Gary Davenport (Bleacher Report) Every NFL team's most promising building block. Patriots: Stephon Gilmore.
  • Albert Breer (The MMQB) Game Plan: Where it went wrong in Kansas City; Plus more notes on a glaring Cowboys problem, Zach Orr’s big risk and the back story of the feel-good tale of the offseason.
  • Elliot Harrison ( Revisiting notable NFL MVP races: When did voters get it wrong? 2016 Matt Ryan vs. Tom Brady.
  • Kenneth Arthur (Sports on Earth) NFL Running back unit rankings. Patriots 12th.
  • Mike Rodak (ESPN) AFC East Q&A: What are the chances of a postseason berth in the Bills' future?
  • Andrew Joseph (ForTheWin) Twitter mocked Bill Belichick's romantic Nantucket Magazine photoshoot.
  • Lorenzo Reyes (USA Today) Breaking down the five best offenses in NFL. (2.15 min. video)
  • Darin Gantt (ProFootballTalk) Drew Brees wants to "save the game of football" with flag football.
  • Will Hobson (Washington Post) Dirty laundry: Eli Manning, the Giants and a legal battle over game-worn memorabilia.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) NFL has no comment on Supreme Court’s decision to take up New Jersey gambling case.