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Patriots add another Belichick to the coaching staff

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Three’s a party.

The New England Patriots are expected to promote Brian Belichick from Scouting Assistant to Coaching Assistant, per the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe.

Belichick joined the Patriots staff in 2016 as a scouting assistant and will move to the coaching side after one year with the team. He is the son of head coach Bill Belichick and brother to safeties coach Steve Belichick.

Brian Belichick will be the second coaching addition this offseason, joining DeMarcus Covington, who will serve as a defensive assistant. The Patriots needed to add another coach after losing tight ends coach Brian Daboll to the University of Alabama; former coaching assistant Nick Caley was promoted to Daboll’s vacated role.

Brian Belichick should join Cole Popovich as the offensive assistants, while Covington and Mike Pellegrino will serve as the defensive assistants. Historically, the Patriots have only kept two or three coaching assistants, so perhaps another promotion is in the future (Popovich as assistant offensive line coach would be my bet), or else the Patriots just felt that it was necessary to grow the coaching staff.

Steve Belichick served as a coaching assistant from 2012-15 before receiving the promotion to positions coach in 2016, so look for a similar trajectory with Brian.