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QB Jimmy Garoppolo is willing to consider extension with Patriots

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The Patriots back-up quarterback knows he has a good thing going on.

There has been increased discussion by some of the most tapped-in beat writers about a potential extension between the New England Patriots and QB Jimmy Garoppolo, so it makes sense that the media would ask Garoppolo his thoughts when he was available after Tuesday’s practice.

Garoppolo said that he would “entertain” the idea of signing an extension, but added that he still wants to play (h/t to CSNNE’s Mike Giardi and ProJo’s Kevin McNamara for the quotes).

The general idea of an extension with Garoppolo is rooted in spreading his inevitable 2018 cap hit from the franchise tag across as many years as possible, but it requires a willing Garoppolo to make a deal.

Giardi added that he spoke to a source about Garoppolo’s openness to a new deal, and that Garoppolo’s camp understands that the “grass isn’t always greener.” Finding a perfect marriage of player and coach can go a long way towards career longevity and earnings, and perhaps it’d be worth waiting an extra year or two behind Brady before embarking on a 10-year career as a starter, versus cashing in with a bad team as soon as possible.

For example, Giardi also mentions how the Bears were one of the top suitors for Garoppolo this past offseason. If the Bears have a bad season and the coaching staff and front office lose their jobs, then will Garoppolo have to go through a coaching change and a rebuild? Will the ownership keep Garoppolo in a cycle of bad coaching changes? Or will the next coach ship Garoppolo away in favor of adding the quarterback of their choice?

And what about QB Brock Osweiler, who signed a massive deal with the Houston Texans, only to get shipped out to Cleveland where he might not make the roster. If Osweiler took the $16 million per year offer from the Broncos over the $18 million per year contract from the Texans, perhaps he’d still be a starting quarterback with a greater chance of seeing the entire value of his contract within an offense where he knows how to succeed.

Garoppolo would be wise to think about an extension in New England, especially if the team is willing to give him cash upfront, or at least money reasonably close to what he might receive on the open market. Taking a couple million less per year for the next three or four seasons might pay off if he gets to play under head coach Bill Belichick (or head coach Josh McDaniels) for the subsequent decade.