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Check out the player reactions to the Patriots 5th Super Bowl rings that troll the Falcons!

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The Patriots are super excited about their latest championship rings!

The New England Patriots gathered to celebrate their victory in Super Bowl LI over the Atlanta Falcons and to distribute the championship rings to the team. The Patriots “created the biggest Super Bowl ring ever made,” according to team owner Robert Kraft in order to represent the greatest comeback in the history of the sport.

Each ring is made out of white gold and has more than 280 diamonds per the team’s official statement and includes the recipient’s name and numbers, the lighthouse and bridge at Gillette Stadium, and all the years of the franchise’s previous championships. The rings also have the quotes “Unequivocally the sweetest,” “We are all Patriots,” and “Greatest comeback ever.”

It is rumored that the ring has exactly 283 diamonds to reflect the team’s comeback from trailing 28-3. Sorry not sorry to the Falcons.

Check out the pictures and reactions from the event below.

Arriving at the party

Locked down

The Ring revealed

Bill Belichick’s metal hands

One for the Thumb

Player Reactions

This ones for the books

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Thanking the Lord for all the blessings falling into my lap, much praise to the most high!! Ring ceremony READY!!

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