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Tom Brady finally catches a break in life, accepted to local country club

The New England Patriots quarterback finally has something go in his favor.

It’s hard being New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Even after winning five Super Bowl titles, earning the distinction of greatest football player of all time, and leading the most successful franchise in North American sports over the past two decades, Brady struggled to achieve one personal goal:

Gain access to The Country Club in Brookline, the oldest country club in the United States, with multiple golf courses and other world class amenities.

Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen applied for membership back in 2015 and were not admitted. In fact, the couple was put up for discussion where current members were concerned that Brady and Gisele would draw too much attention to the private club, especially in the wake of DeflateGate.

Two years and another Super Bowl trophy later, the Associated Press reports that Brady and Gisele were finally granted membership to the club. Apparently winning another championship and growing his international status worked in Brady’s favor.