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Senator, Dolphins fan Marco Rubio wants to get rid of Patriots QB Tom Brady

Rubio unveiled a rather creative plan during a senate hearing on Thursday.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is, unsurprisingly, a fan of the Miami Dolphins. As such, he has seen his team make the playoffs just four times since the dawn of the third millennium as another team has taken over dominance of the AFC East: the New England Patriots, who have won 14 of the last 17 division titles.

Naturally, it is no surprise that Rubio is not too fond of the team and its Hall of Fame quarterback, Tom Brady. During a senate hearing on Thursday, Rubio light-heartedly expressed this. During New York Jets owner Woody Johnson's confirmation as United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Rubio suggested that also appointing Brady as ambassador might be a way to finally end the Patriots' chokehold of the AFC East.

"I think you and I agree the country would be well-served if a certain Thomas Brady were nominated ambassador to Brazil," Rubio told the Jets owner, suggesting that an arrangement should best be made before the start of the 2017 NFL season. "Perhaps that could be arranged before September of this year." Amidst laughter in the room, Rubio then added that he was serious about the proposal.

Despite the creative nature of Rubio's plan, however, it may not guarantee New England's fall from the division's mountain top. After all, the Brady-less Patriots still went 3-1 during his four-game suspension last season and sat comfortably atop the AFC East once the future Hall of Famer returned.