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WATCH: Patriots undrafted WR Austin Carr makes his case for a roster spot

The wide receiver was the only one to show up for New England in the first half.

The Jacksonville Jaguars fielded their top defensive unit to start the preseason, but the New England Patriots didn’t play their starting receivers, opening the doors for whichever depth player wanted to make their case for a roster spot.

Enter WR Austin Carr.

Carr finished the first half with 44 yards and a touchdown on 5 receptions as the only Patriots wide receiver with more than 10 yards on the day. Two of those catches were extremely impressive.

Carr still has a long way to go as he trails Julian Edelman, Brandin Cooks, Chris Hogan, Malcolm Mitchell, and Danny Amendola on the depth chart, but he has a real chance to earn the last open roster spot.

Last year we saw RB D.J. Foster standout in the preseason and win a red shirt season on the active roster. Carr will have plenty of opportunities to win the same distinction for 2017.