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Preseason week 3 Patriots vs Lions: New England cancels joint walkthrough with Detroit

New England opts to hold its own practices this week.

Leading up to their first two preseason games of the year, the New England Patriots have held joint practice sessions with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans. Heading into the third exhibition contest, the defending world champions were once again scheduled to do a joint session – this time with the Detroit Lions.

Both teams planned on holding one joint session together; a walkthrough one day prior to their preseason matchup. However, according to NESN's Zack Cox, the team has opted to cancel the session:

The Patriots have nixed their joint walkthrough with the Lions that was scheduled for Thursday. Doing their own walkthrough instead.

While the decision comes only one day prior to the scheduled walkthrough, it is not that big of a surprise considering the circumstances. After all, week three of the preseason is considered a "dress rehearsal" for the regular season: The starters will likely play into the second half while preparation for the game comes closest to in-season work both in terms of game planning and practice schedule.

Practicing with another team, even if the session was just a walkthrough, would be a deviation from the usual in-week preparation. New England apparently prefers to do it alone this week and after two of sharing the practice fields with other squads.