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Patriots release cool footage of cranes raising the Super Bowl banners to their new home

The Patriots have done a great job remodeling their stadium.

The New England Patriots have been teasing their banner ceremony this whole summer and their latest video shows how the team raised the banners to their new home beneath the Gillette Stadium sign.

It’s a fun video and I’m excited to see how all the banners look when they’re revealed. I’m also curious to see if the team will ever add a “Ring of Fame” player list banner on one side of the concrete or any other types of accolades.

ESPN’s Mike Reiss had a few extra notes from behind the scenes of the Patriots stadium restructure in his weekly Sunday rundown.

Apparently, according to Reiss, when the Patriots designed Gillette, “there had never been any thought on where to put a Super Bowl championship banner,” because the team had zero during the design process. The Patriots won their first title months before the stadium opened and now there are five. What a turn of events.

The re-design cost “millions,” which is the best expenditure the Kraft family will have to make on the stadium, but it should meet the needs for the team at least for a few more seasons:

The Patriots should make their Super Bowl LI banner debut during the season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday, September 7th.