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The Patriots have live baby goats at training camp in honor of Tom Brady's birthday

Well, that's one way to celebrate.

New England Patriots quarterback and consus greatest passer of all time Tom Brady celebrates his 40th birthday today. As has been the case in the past, the anniversary of Brady's birth falls on a training camp practice day – and the team appears to be ready for that.

According to ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss, the Patriots are offering fans a photo opportunity with a GOAT-sign. And if that would not have been enough to make fans happy that their five-time Super Bowl champion turns 40, they have another surprise as well: A real goat.

In case you plan to attend today's practice session, make sure to pay the baby goat a visit – and to warm up your vocal chords for the yearly renditions of “Happy Birthday” and the “Brady! Brady!” chant. Today should be a fun day at Foxboro.

[UPDATE 8:11 a.m. ET] According to NFL Network's James Palmer there will not be just one but five live goats at the practice facility today.