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UPDATE: The Browns have already moved on from CB Joe Haden and OL Cameron Erving

The Browns are shopping their players around, too.

EDIT: The Browns have released Haden. He will be able to sign with any team. The Patriots likely won’t be able to offer him the playing time he’s looking for as Haden tries to reset his market value. His top landing spot is currently old division rival Pittsburgh.

That draft pick was too expensive for the Patriots taste. They acquired Eric Rowe for the same price tag and Rowe is on a rookie deal.

EDIT2: The Kansas City Chiefs have acquired Erving for a 5th round pick.

The New England Patriots acquired LB Marquis Flowers from the Cincinnati Bengals in a move that should bolster the team’s depth for the final week of the preseason and maybe for the 2017 year. The Patriots shouldn’t stop there, either.

Apparently the Cleveland Browns are looking to trade both CB Joe Haden, OL Cameron Erving, and others according to The Browns are apparently looking to acquire a wide receiver and that could be related to those trade talks.

Prior to the injury to WR Julian Edelman, the Patriots would have made sense as a possible trade partner due to their depth at the position, but New England should still inquire about both Haden and Erving- and see if anyone else is available.

Haden is a former All Pro that is under contract for three more years for a total of $32.9 million. He has been battling serious injuries over the past two seasons, including a loss of 10 games with a serious concussion in 2015, an ankle surgery in 2016, and a pair of groin surgeries in 2017.

Still, Haden is just 28 years old and, if healthy, he’s one of the top cover corners in the league. The near-$11 million per season contract would likely be acquired for cheap since the Browns are “aggressively trying to trade” him, and maybe Haden would be open to a contract renegotiation.

The Patriots have nothing to lose by reaching out and asking, especially with the future of Malcolm Butler up in the air. New England might prefer to spend that $11 million on Butler- or on a different position entirely with Stephon Gilmore already under contract. And the Browns have shown a willingness to eat cap space (like they did for Brock Osweiler) in exchange for draft capital- maybe they’d do the same for Haden.

Erving is a versatile offensive lineman out of Florida State that has started at every position along the line over his two seasons in the league. As a former first round pick, Erving could be under contract for a team-friendly three seasons. Patriots offensive line coach Dane Scarnecchia is friends with the Florida State offensive line coach- which led the Patriots to draft Bryan Stork and Tre Jackson in recent years- so he would have the inside scoop on Erving.

He just suffered a calf injury that could cost him his starting job in Cleveland and he’s been terrible at every position he’s played. He could ultimately be another Barkevious Mingo-type player that is all potential and no substance. But the Patriots were willing to trade a pick for Mingo right before the start of the 2016 season- maybe they’d be willing to do that for Erving.

Erving might not be able to beat out Ted Karras for a roster spot, but with Nate Solder, Tony Garcia, and LaAdrian Waddle dealing with problems, having another player to potentially back-up a tackle could help. And it might be worth stashing Erving to see if Scarnecchia can turn him into a pro- or he might go the way of busted-guard Jonathan Cooper.

Both could be acquired for extremely cheap draft picks due to Haden’s contract and Erving’s poor level of play, but they’re both high potential acquisitions. New England has nothing to lose by picking up the phone for these former first round picks.

Oh, and the Denver Broncos are apparently shopping SS T.J. Ward, so maybe the Patriots should acquire him an immediately place him on the reserves list so he can’t hurt anyone.