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Merriam-Webster Dictionary just ethered the Colts, Vikings, and Titans on behalf of the Patriots

Hooray for dictionaries?

Here’s a topic I didn’t think I’d write about today.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary just insulted the Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, and Minnesota Vikings on behalf of the New England Patriots. Fantastic. Here’s the background.

1. The Indianapolis Colts create a terrible hashtag “#ColtsForged.”

Like, what is that even supposed to mean?

2. The Tennessee Titans remind the Colts that the Titans used the word “Forge” in an advertisement one month earlier.

They probably shouldn’t be so proud about that, but, hey, they’re divisional rivals and that’s totally allowed.

3. The Minnesota Vikings chime in that they were, in fact, the first team in world history to just “forge ahead” as a phrase

4. The Colts try to argue that the word “forge” has been in use since the 13th century, so HAH!

I’m still not sure if this is a self-burn on their lack of creativity.


Unbelievable. I’m going to go out and buy ten dictionaries today and learn a word or two to show my support.

What makes this great is that the Patriots didn’t play any of these teams in 2016 and aren’t expected to play any of them in the 2017 regular season. This is just a random lob of an insult on behalf of the Patriots.

New England beat the Titans and Colts in 2015. They beat the Vikings in 2014.

Sure, why not.