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Watch Patriots rookie Damarius Travis force a fumble, Jacoby Brissett hit Cody Hollister for a TD

The Patriots got the ball quickly and scored!

The New England Patriots lost the opening coin toss and the New York Giants elected to receive the kick off. The Giants had time for just one positive play before Patriots rookie SS Damarius Travis forced and recovered a fumble on the Giants second offensive play of the game.

Travis recovered the ball on the 35-yard line of the Giants, setting up second-year QB Jacoby Brissett with favorable field position. Brissett promptly went 4 of 4 with passes to Jacob Hollister, LeShun Daniels, and K.J. Maye before finding Cody Hollister in the end zone for a 9-yard score.

Backshoulder passes are tough and the ball placement for Brissett hasn’t been great today- but it’s hard to argue with the results. The Patriots now lead 7-0.