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Watch Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett on his touchdown run: “This would be cool if I juked him.”

New England's third stringer continues his impressive performance.

The Patriots lost 40-38, but that was a surprisingly fun game. What'd you think?

Posted by Pats Pulpit: For New England Patriots News on Thursday, August 31, 2017

Even though he threw a pick-six earlier in the game, quarterback Jacoby Brissett is the New England Patriots' best player in the team's preaseason finale against the New York Giants. He has looked poised under pressure, made mostly good decisions and delivered some great throws in tight windows.

His stat-line so far looks solid as well, as the second-year man has thrown four touchdown passes while completing around 80% of his passes. In the fourth quarter, he also added a rushing touchdown – one that included an impressive move:

“I probably didn’t need that, honestly,” Brissett said about the juke after the game. “You know, I just saw him coming in so hard and I was just like, ‘This would be cool if I juked him.’ So I just tried it out. I was going to dive if he did anything else to me, but it was just a good job of the offensive line clearing them out and giving me some room to step up.”

Brissett has always been a dangerous player with the football in his hands as the play above illustrates. The most prominent example of this came during last year's week three regular season game against the Houston Texans, when he rushed for a 27-yard score on a designed roll-out run.

Of course, Brissett's juke bring back memories of another great run in Patriots quarterback history: Tom Brady against Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher.