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Phillip Dorsett can be the Patriots punt returner

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The Patriots now have their answer at the position.

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The New England Patriots needed help at both wide receiver and punt returner after losing Julian Edelman and Cyrus Jones in back-to-back weeks with ACL injuries. Phillip Dorsett could be the solution to both of those problems.

The 5’10, 185-pound Dorsett ran a 4.33s 40 yard dash at the combine and has returned punts before. He returned 25 punts in college and 2 for the Colts in 2015. He’s not the most experienced at the role, but he’s a better option that risking Danny Amendola’s health before the postseason, or asking someone to learn a new role.

If Dorsett can simply hold on to the football on fair catches, and figure out the rare times he should return the punt, then he will be fine in the role and maybe even hit a home run or two.

And now Dorsett adds value as a back-up for Chris Hogan on the offense, who is expected to see a larger role with the loss of Edelman. Hogan is more polished as a player, but Dorsett can learn and hopefully step into the role if his number is called.