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Week 3 Thursday Night Football Rams at 49ers: Game details and Patriots rooting guide

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Here’s how to watch.

Los Angeles Rams v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The (0-2) San Francisco 49ers are hosting the (1-1) Los Angeles Rams for week 3 Thursday Night Football. Kick off is at 8:25 PM ET on NFL Network. This game will either be an exciting high scoring affair, or a hideously inept mockery of football. There is no in between.

The Rams have a surprisingly solid passing offense behind sophomore QB Jared Goff. They rank 30th in rushing yards per play, but 1st in passing yards per play. They are tied for 3rd in points scored. On defense, they rank 11th in points allowed per game and All Pro DT Aaron Donald should be integrated back into the roster after his holdout.

The 49ers are the opposite. They rank 2nd in rushing yards per play, but 31st in passing yards per play. It should be no surprise they rank 31st in points per game with an ugly 6.0 points per game. The 49ers defense ranks 10th in points allowed and 10th in yards allowed.

Los Angeles has a real chance to run away with this game if the 49ers offense is unable to move the ball.

This game has no immediate repercussions for the Patriots since the NFC West is not on the Patriots horizon. Honestly, they should be rooting for the Rams to win in case Los Angeles can keep pace with the Seattle Seahawks atop the division, and so the 49ers can also keep pace with and hopefully be worse than the New York Jets at the end of the season for draft position.