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#NotTheOnion: NFL Network analyst says that Andy Reid is better than Bill Belichick

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And he’s completely serious.

Quick- who is the best coach in the NFL?

Any response other than “New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick” is incorrect, but leave it to former Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew to give Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid the edge on NFL Network.

“First of all, Andy Reid, I appreciate you, offering us all those good things on Fridays, junk food Fridays,” Jones-Drew says in real life. “I got to go with you, not because of junk food Friday, because of week one and on bye weeks, Andy Reid is 26 and 10. He has a winning record. I know he’s going against Bill Belichick, but I feel like Andy Reid, always has when he has extra time to prepare for a team, he knows how to pull out all the stops, I got to go with the Chiefs.”

This explanation actually happened. Andy Reid has the edge over Bill Belichick because he’s good at coaching after Bye Weeks.

Let’s do the math here.

Bill Belichick is 12-5 after regular season bye weeks with the Patriots.

Belichick is 13-4 in week 1 games with the Patriots.

Belichick is 10-1 in the divisional round after bye weeks in the playoffs with the Patriots, and 5-2 in the Super Bowl.

So Belichick and the Patriots are an impressive 40-12 after bye weeks, while Reid is 26-10. Sounds like a solid edge to me, but not in the way MJD declared.

MJD ultimately gave the Chiefs the edge at head coach and on defense, while the Patriots had the edge at quarterback, running backs, and wide receiver/tight ends.

“This was you trying to make it look close, like three-to-two,” former Patriots fullback and NFL Network analyst Heath Evans told MJD after the running back gave the defensive edge to the Chiefs without mentioning a single Patriots defender.