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Former Patriots lineman says the team is in for a brutal week of practice

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After that display, the Patriots had better be ready.

Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The New England Patriots drafted OL Rich Ohrnberger in the fourth round of the 2009 NFL Draft. He spent three years with the team and was active for five games. Those 2009 Patriots are a common reference point for a team that just didn’t have the right mental make-up, with head coach Bill Belichick declaring, “I just can’t get these guys to play the way I want them to.”

So Ohrnberger knows what it’s like for a Patriots team that comes out flat and doesn’t meet their expectations, and he knows what is in store for the next week of practice: nothing good.

“[In] the few losses we had in New England,” Ohrnberger writes, “the next week's practices were reason enough to win again.”

He then adds, “With 10 days to prepare and a salty team. #LookOutDrew”

While no one on the offense or defense can say the Patriots did a good job (the special teams did a fine job), it was the obvious lapses on defense that gained the most attention.

No team should allow multiple 70+ yard touchdowns, especially not to Chiefs QB Alex Smith. The Patriots couldn’t stop Smith, allowing completions on all 21 attempts shorter than 10 yards and Smith was actually the second quarterback to ever throw for 300+ yards, 4+ touchdowns, and 0 interceptions against a Bill Belichick defense.

The other is Drew Brees from back in 2009. Brees is going to face the Patriots next week. Hopefully the Patriots can button up on defense and “Look Out Drew” doesn’t become “Oh No, Look Out For Drew.”