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Jeff Howe: Multiple teams have called New England about Dion Lewis

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The Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe says that other teams have been interested in Dion Lewis for a while, and the Patriots are still getting trade calls.

Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

In one of the defending Super Bowl champions’ more “Well, cool, I guess” offseason moves, after James White’s “Big-time players make big time plays in big games” performance against the Falcons and Dion Lewis barbecuing linebackers with his cheat-code speed, the Patriots went out and...spent a decent chunk of money on some new running backs. With Mike Gillislee signed over from Buffalo and Rex Burkhead coming in as a free agent, the running back room in Foxboro suddenly looked either totally stacked or a little crowded, depending on how you look at such things.

And with Dion Lewis on a relatively sweetheart deal for a back with his skill set - a $2.6 million base salary over two years with another $2.0 million in incentives that goes through, you guessed it, the 2017 season - the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe is reporting in his Saturday notebook that more than a few other teams have been in touch with the Patriots about picking up Dion. And not only were they interested before the preseason even started, they’ve been calling as recently as last week.


Now, deep breaths, everyone - Howe’s clarification that it’s other teams calling New England, and not the other way around, should speak volumes here. Even with the depth chart at running back ridiculously stacked, it’s hard to imagine the Patriots coaching staff looking at their roster as it stands right now, especially after Thursday’s game sent Danny Amendola to the sidelines with a concussion, and legitimately thinking that trading Lewis could actually make their roster immediately better. There’s no denying New England could use some help at edge defender, receiver, and for the love of god, the kick/punt return position...

...Buuuuuuut those are also two positions (wide receiver and edge defender) that tend to be the most expensive to acquire. With the Kony Ealy experiment an undeniable faceplant, it should be obvious now that the kind of versatile edge-setters the Patriots need are guys that can do more than shoot themselves out of a cannon getting after the quarterback every play, and as far as receivers, well, you saw what New England already gave up for Brandin Cooks and Phillip Dorsett this offseason. Lewis, even as talented and hardworking as he is, isn’t moving the radar on a player like that.

Of course, there’s also the chance of trading for a draft pick, which, who knows if that’s what other teams have been offering or not. That’d be surprising too, given that New England’s point #1 this offseason has been to acquire what Robert Kraft called “proven talent” instead of stocking up on draft picks like Bill is infamous for.

Then again, I’ll never get tired of ESPN and former Grantland writer Bill Barnwell summarizing Belichick like this:

“Bill Belichick is smart, but sometimes he succeeds just by aiding other teams’ efforts to be stupid.”

What do you guys think? Should the Pats start taking these trade calls seriously? And if so, what do you want in return?