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NFL playoff picture and schedule: Date and time the Patriots play in the divisional round

The Patriots have homefield advantage.

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The 2017-18 NFL playoff schedule is now set and the New England Patriots will face one of three teams on Saturday, January 13th at 8:15 PM ET. The Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans, or Buffalo Bills will come to Gillette Stadium with a chance to face the defending champions.

The AFC does not include either the Los Angeles Chargers or the Baltimore Ravens, which has to be considered a major win for New England as they are two teams best suited to knock out the Patriots in the divisional round.

Instead, New England will get a chance to exact revenge against the Chiefs, face the uninspiring Titans, or defeat the Bills for the third time this season- also, congrats to the Bills for making the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Steelers will have to face the Jacksonville Jaguars, Chiefs, or Titans, which is a far more daunting list of potential opponents. Getting the #1 seed was huge for the Patriots.


  1. (13-3) New England Patriots
  2. (13-3) Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. (10-6) Jacksonville Jaguars
  4. (10-6) Kansas City Chiefs
  5. (9-7) Tennessee Titans
  6. (9-7) Buffalo Bills

​Saturday, January 6 at 4:35 PM (ET)

Tennessee at Kansas City (ESPN, with simulcast on ABC)

The Titans seem to be a forgotten team in this postseason and the Chiefs should be the favorite. The Patriots are likely to play the winner of this game, though, so a Titans upset would be fantastic.

Sunday, January 7 at 1:05 PM (ET)

Buffalo at Jacksonville (CBS)

Can the Bills defeat the Jaguars and their former head coach Doug Marrone? That would be amazing for the Patriots, but should be highly unlikely. Any outcome in this game is good; a Bills win means the Patriots get the easiest divisional round opponent, while a Jaguars win forces the Steelers to play the toughest opponent.

Saturday, January 13 at 8:15 PM (ET)

Kansas City/Tennessee/Buffalo at New England (CBS)

Sunday, January 14 at 1:05 PM (ET)

Jacksonville/Kansas City/Tennessee at Pittsburgh (CBS)

Sunday, January 21 at 3:05 PM (ET)

AFC Championship Game (CBS)

The Super Bowl will take place on February 4th.


  1. (13-3) Philadelphia Eagles
  2. (13-3) Minnesota Vikings
  3. (11-5) Los Angeles Rams
  4. (11-5) New Orleans Saints
  5. (11-5) Carolina Panthers
  6. (10-6) Atlanta Falcons

​Saturday, January 6 at 8:15 PM (ET)

Atlanta at Los Angeles Rams (NBC)

This should be a high scoring game between two of the most exciting offenses in the NFL and should be a lot of fun to watch.

Sunday, January 7 at 4:40 PM (ET)

Carolina at New Orleans (FOX)

A divisional matchup on wild card weekend? Yes, please. The Saints swept the Panthers in the regular season with a combined score of 65-34, but I would expect this game to be much closer.

Saturday, January 13 at 4:35 PM (ET)

New Orleans/Carolina/Atlanta at Philadelphia (NBC)

Sunday, January 14 at 4:40 PM (ET)

Los Angeles Rams/New Orleans/Carolina at Minnesota (FOX)

Sunday, January 21 at 6:40 PM (ET)

NFC Championship Game (FOX)

The Super Bowl will take place on February 4th.