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Every Single Tom Brady Postseason TD to Get You Ready for the Playoffs

This is the best eight minutes you’ll spend today.

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure a lot of you have mixed feelings about the NFL. As for NFL Films...that’s a different story.

NFL Films consistently turns out absolutely amazing content, from their old school highlight reels to their documentaries and everything in between. And I may be a little biased here, but NFL Films may have just produced their greatest masterpiece in their decision to compile every single Tom Brady postseason TD into eight plus minutes of pure poetry.

Tommy B slinging the rock from standard definition to digital crystal clarity. 487 seconds of passes to Randy Moss and Mike Vrabel Deion Branch and Nate Solder and everything in between. Go ahead and watch it a few times, if you like; it’s the weekend. You’ve earned it.

Tommy B is primed to add to his own postseason TD record (63 passing, 6 rushing) tomorrow night, as well as extend his own postseason wins record (26). Second on the Patriots list is none other than Tony Eason, who has seven over five games. Patriots legend Drew Bledsoe has six over seven playoff games.

If you want to grumble about Jimmy Garoppolo and a 2nd round pick, go for it. If you want to listen to hot takes about the end of the Patriots dynasty, knock yourself out. If you enjoy arguing with other fans about all things New England, who am I to stop you? But I advise you all to take a break from that, just for a few minutes, and watch the above clip. This is what we have been blessed with for the past 17 years. This has been our reality in the 21st century. This is the ride that is slowly winding down. We have been as blessed as any fanbase will ever be, and even if the Patriots lose tomorrow, even if they never sniff the playoffs again, even if Tom Brady insists on playing until he’s 60 and goes 0-16 every season for the rest of his career, that will be just fine with me. Because we have all of the memories that surrounded the moments in this video. Nothing will ever be able to take that away from us. We need to milk every last second of the Tom Brady era, because we will never see a narrative like this in our lifetime.

The Patriots are the best in the business at looking ahead. But we’re fans. We’re allowed to look back every once in a while.

Bring on the Titans.