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WATCH: Patriots running back Brandon Bolden scores a touchdown to put New England up 28-7

New England is dominating its opponent.

The New England Patriots started their divisional round playoff game against the Tennessee Titans slowly. Late in the third quarter, the story is a different one as the home team Patriots are up 28-7 following a two-yard touchdown run by backup running back Brandon Bolden:

Entering today's game, Brandon Bolden registered only eight postseason carries over the course of his six-year NFL career. The running back, who serves primarily as a special teamer for the Patriots, is already up to one fourth of his playoff totals: Bolden saw two carries so far today, gaining a combined six yards. The second of his carries went for the score above.

With right guard Shaq Mason and fullback James Develin dominating at the point of attack, Bolden was able to reach the goal line untouched. New England is now up 28-7 and appears to be on its way to reach a seventh straight AFC championship game.