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Oddsmaker: There’s a 50% chance the Patriots play the Vikings in Super Bowl LII

But don’t look past the Jaguars.

NFL: SEP 14 Patriots at Vikings Photo by Bryan Singer/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

Oddsmaker Bovada gives the New England Patriots 11/10 odds (47.6%) of winning Super Bowl LII, easily the highest odds of the final four teams remaining. They also give the Patriots an 83.3% chance of defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game and reaching their third Super Bowl in four seasons.

But don’t tell the Jaguars the odds; they’ve been overcoming them all season.

There’s a 1/1 chance (50%) of the Patriots facing the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl LII and a 2/1 chance (33.3%) of playing the Philadelphia Eagles. The Jaguars have a 6/1 chance (14.3%) of playing the Vikings and 10/1 chance (9.1%) of playing the Eagles.

New England is a 9-point favorite over the Jaguars at this point in the week. We’ll see if that changes as we get closer to the game.