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Patriots-Titans sideline footage: Josh McDaniels tells players not to collapse like the Kansas City Chiefs

Tom Brady gives his two cents, too.

This week’s Sights and Sounds from the Game: New England Patriots vs Tennessee Titans is absolutely fantastic, so major kudos to the Patriots media department. You can give yourself goosebumps by watching it here.

There’s a common theme from the Patriots players and it’s about not taking anything for granted and needing to play their best.

“I know I say it all the time,” free safety Devin McCourty said. “But this ain’t promised. This is a privilege fellas. This is our hard work. Don’t miss this opportunity. We only get tonight. There is no tomorrow. All day, remember that. No. Tomorrow. We got to go dominate today.”

“Don’t take this s— for granted,” defensive lineman Trey Flowers said. “Do not take this s— for granted. I need you right now.”

Even Bill Belichick was getting in on celebrating Chris Hogan’s score before the half.

And as the Patriots were coming out of halftime, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels had a very specific message for his offense.

“Hey, Kansas City was in the exact same position last week-,” McDaniels said.

“YEAH!,” Tom Brady interjected.

“Kansas City was in the exact same position, we just got to put our foot on the gas,” McDaniels continued.

“YEAH!,” Brady interjected again.

“And we got to play 30 more minutes, alright?,” McDaniels started and decided to finish.

“OF OUR BEST! OF OUR BEST! OF OUR BEST!,” Brady shouted to the team.

Brady was interrupting McDaniels because he doesn’t respect the coaches anymore (this is sarcasm, by the way), but the message was clear: don’t take the lead for granted. The Chiefs did and they allowed the Titans to mount a wild card comeback.

Instead, the Patriots decided to run up the score even more to ensure there was no way for Tennessee to come back and win.

Watch the video here.