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Belichick Breakdown: Patriots head coach can’t wait to break down footage of Matthew Slater on special teams

He also looks at the Patriots third down defense, a James White touchdown, and a big catch by Rob Gronkowski.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick breaks down game tape of the previous game if the team is victorious and he looked at some of the team’s best plays against the Tennessee Titans. Watch it here.

Belichick looks at some of the plays by the Patriots pass rush, with special kudos to Trey Flowers, Adam Butler, and Ricky Jean Francois, and he also breaks down one of James White’s touchdown and a nice catch by Rob Gronkowski. If it feels like Belichick is breezing through these plays, you aren’t making that up. I felt it, too.

But time slows down when he gets to Matthew Slater making plays on special teams and it all makes sense. Belichick just really wanted to skip the boring offensive and defensive plays to highlight how Slater dominated the Titans two best special teams players, once on punt coverage and once on kickoff coverage. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see multiple camera angles of both plays.

Watch it here.