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2018 Super Bowl: What is your tradition for watching the Patriots in the Super Bowl?

Because I’m sure you have plenty of experience.

NFL: FEB 05 Super Bowl LI - Falcons v Patriots

Today marks the second of three articles where we answer a question that SB Nation posed to each of the team sites. The first was about our favorite Super Bowl moment, and the second is about our favorite place to watch the Super Bowl.

And much like our answer to the first one, everyone probably has multiple “correct” responses.

Bill Belichick and the Patriots are heading to their eighth Super Bowl since 2001 and they have a routine for what they like to accomplish during the not-really-a-bye week and then the subsequent week of practice at the Super Bowl location.

I, too, have a routine for watching the Patriots in the Super Bowl and that’s a pretty ridiculous thing to say.

When I grew up, I would go to our neighbors to watch the game and both of our families would spend the evening together. The kids would sit on the rug on the floor and go to the basement during halftime to play, and the Patriots won three out of four Super Bowls. It was pretty great.

The Patriots next two trips to the Super Bowls were canceled and didn’t happen, so that was a real shame. I would have enjoyed watching them beat the New York Giants in both games, especially during Super Bowl XLVI where I theoretically would have watched it with my friend in college who is a huge Giants fan.

For the Patriots sixth trip to the Super Bowl (oh, stop me, please), I was living in New York so I couldn’t visit my neighbors- but I had some friends in the city that I went to high school with and we watched it at one of their apartments. I distinctly remember the sheer confusion and pandemonium when Malcolm Butler recorded the interception.

And then for the seventh and eighth trips, I’ve been going to the Super Bowl itself and reporting from the ground for our website. It’s hectic and it’s a huge change from eating pizza in our neighbor’s living room. But, hey, I realize how ridiculously fortunate I am for the opportunity. Houston was a fantastic host city last year and I’m excited to see what Minneapolis has to offer.

How do you watch the Patriots in the Super Bowl and what traditions have you created over the years? Do you sit in a certain seat every time? Wear a certain jersey? Eat a certain food (more on this in our third installment!)?

How do you get ready for the game?