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WATCH: Patriots, NFL Films release behind-the-scenes footage from the AFC Championship Game win over the Jaguars

Must-watch television for any Patriots fan!

(c) NFL Films

As we slowly turn our attention towards Super Bowl LII, there are still a few last looks to be taken back at an epic AFC Championship Game between the New England Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars. After all, three spectacular behind-the-scenes videos were released yesterday: Two were produced by NFL Films – Turning Point and Sound FX – the other is the Sights and Sounds video provided weekly by

The Turning Point clip is the longest of the three as it spans over 24 minutes. While it focuses mostly on the Patriots' fourth-quarter comeback it also includes some other interesting nuggets from New England defensive coordinator Matt Patricia stressing the role of Jaguars running back Corey Grant to the Jacksonville's players and coaches complaining about a tight pass interference call in the second quarter.

Click here to take a look at the video:

In their essence, the other two clips released are the same as Turning Point but without the additional film review and background stories. Still, they feature some interesting perspective on one of the most memorable games of the season – and given the result are certainly must-watch material for every Patriots fan.

In order to watch the 10-minute NFL Films Sound FX video, please click here. To watch the Patriots' home-made six-minute Sights and Sounds, follow this link.