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WATCH: Ex-NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz explains what makes Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski unstoppable

The eight-year veteran takes a close look at the NFL's best tight end.

When the New England Patriots lost tight end Rob Gronkowski to a concussion in the second quarter of the AFC Championship Game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, they lost their best offensive skill position player. And while the Patriots were still able to complete the comeback to punch a ticket to the Super Bowl, they will need Gronkowski in order to secure a second straight Lombardi Trophy.

After all, the 28-year old is a nightmare for defensive coordinators to game plan against. Not only is he one of the NFL's best pass catchers, Gronkowski also is a force in the running game. Former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz, who spent eight seasons in the league, took a look at the film to find out what exactly makes Gronkowski as dangerous a as he is.

Schwartz, who describes Gronkowski as the prototypical tight end due to his combination of size, strength, speed and athleticism, analyzes his blocking abilities as well as his ability to get open down the field and serve as a receiver. “He can single-handedly dominate a drive,” Schwartz notes in the video above. Check it out for an some insights from the former NFL player.